Give your soil a treat this Compost Week

LETTER TO THE EDITOR   International Compost Awareness Week Australia (ICAW) was from 2nd May to 8th May.   We can all compost our waste vegetable and other organic matter and make our soils just so much healthier.    Now my memory from 50 years ago was our big scrap heap in the back yard where my somewhat aged mother grew the most fantastic vegetables.   After school and later after university I would come home and walk down to the back yard and a bearded dragon would wait for me to dig into that scrap heap until I would find thick juicy white grubs and the bearded dragon would pounce.   After the first time this happened that lizard would wait there each day at the same time of the day. We had a mutual understanding.   Now fast forward to the present. My husband has set up a kitchen bin for scraps that he can dig into his garden outside.   Obviously, we are a very environmentally friendly and caring nuclear family.   But I need to be honest. When all those fruit flies are in and outside that container I am less of a happy chappie. In fact, you may be shocked if you could read my mind.    However, I will give you a big smile anyway and say to all you budding agriculturalists, "Have a happy Compost Week 2021 and make better soil and by doing so make a better life for all."   Glenda Carroll Bundamba