The Mizuno Lamborghini Wave Tenjin.
The Mizuno Lamborghini Wave Tenjin. Ingo Barenschee

Give your feet some raging bull inspiration - Lambo runners!

YOU may not be able to achieve 0-100kmh in less than four seconds, but at least you'll look fast in these new Lamborghini running shoes.

Lamborghini and Japanese sports brand Mizuno announced a five-year partnership at the Geneva motor show this week, and revealed the new co-branded running shoe, called the Wave Tenjin.

Prices have not been revealed. But the similar-looking Mizuno Wave Prophecy retails for about $300.

The partnership will cover footwear and apparel. It will be available at Mizuno stockists and retailers around the world as well as Lamborghini dealerships.

"Lamborghini is known worldwide for its most sought-after super sports cars. Enthusiasts now have the opportunity to celebrate their passion for Lamborghini through this shoe and the upcoming products created with Mizuno," Lamborghini's president and CEO Stephan Winkelmann said.