Girl, 8, gets tongue stuck in glass drink bottle

AN EIGHT-year-old Brisbane girl had to be helped by firefighters and rushed to hospital on Saturday evening after her tongue became stuck in a glass drink bottle.

Firefighters and paramedics were called to the Capalaba home, in Brisbane's southeast, about 5pm to help the girl, but even after removing two-thirds of the bottle could not get her swollen tongue unstuck.

She had to be taken to Redlands Hospital, where doctors sedated her and removed the rest of the bottle.

It is understood it was not a typical glass bottle, but one with an enlarged neck containing a marble.

QFES senior firefighter Greg Newberry said he had never seen anything like it in his 35 years of service.

"You must have to push the glass bead to get the liquid to come into your mouth and in the process of doing that it has created some sort of vacuum that's dragged her tongue in and gotten it stuck in the bottle," he said.

"We thought that once we made a little bit of a hole in the bottle, it would break the suction and it would all be fine."

Mr Newberry said firefighters tried to gently push out the girl's tongue with a bent-over straw, but it was too sore and swollen by that point.

He praised the girl for staying calm throughout the ordeal.

"It wasn't anything too serious, she can look back at this and laugh and tell her mates at school on Monday about how all the fire engines were there," Mr Newberry said.

"She was a really brave little thing."

The girl was given a "trauma teddy" and taken to Redlands Hospital about 6pm with a third of the bottle still attached to her mouth.

A Queensland Health spokeswoman said emergency doctors sedated the eight-year-old and removed the rest of the bottle.

She is expected to make a full recovery and was meant to head home around 9am on Sunday morning.