The 16-year-old's step father raped her a number of times in their Biggenden home.
The 16-year-old's step father raped her a number of times in their Biggenden home. Valerie Horton

Girl, 16, dragged down hallway and attacked by step father

WHEN a teenage girl's step-father tried to tickle her while they were home alone in January, she tried to walk away.

The 16-year-old's step father grabbed and dragged her into the hallway of her Biggenden home.

That was the first time the 35-year-old man digitally raped his step-daughter despite her telling him to stop.

The Biggenden man pleaded guilty to charges including rape, sexual assault and attempted incest in Maryborough District Court on November 22.

The court heard the man, who cannot be identified to protect his victim, targeted the 16-year-old girl while her mother wasn't home in separate attacks earlier this year.

Crown prosecutor Chontelle Farnsworth said the man had lived with the family since 2010 and did not have a criminal history.

"The following weekend the complainant arrived home from work in the hope the defendant would not be there," Ms Farnsworth said.

"They crossed paths in the hallway, the defendant held onto the complainant's arm and he digitally penetrated her causing pain."

On one occasion while her siblings were outside the man entered his step-daughter's room and pushed her onto the bed, pulled her pants down, put a blanket over her head and orally raped her.

A fortnight before the offender entered her room while her siblings slept.

The complainant told him to go away before he undressed her, and tried to rape her.

The man left after he heard a car pull up in the driveway.

Ms Farnsworth told the court that when confronted by his wife, the man admitted he had "lost control".

"He was asked if he loved the complainant and he explained he lusts after her," she said.

"The complainant's mother asked if she wanted it. He said he didn't know. She said the complainant told him to go away and he didn't listen. He said yes, she did a couple of times."

Defence Barrister Paul Ruttledge said his client displayed remorse and "had been a hard-working member" of the community since leaving school.

"Every way you look at it, it is a very sad case," he said.

"He hasn't been able to see his biological children as a result of his bail conditions. He misses them and wants to be a father to them at some stage in the future."

Judge Brian Devereaux said it was clear the offending had a "shattering effect" on several lives.

"They are terribly serious offences, it was an abhorrent way to deal with a child but I think you understood that possibly at the time and conceded guilty immediately when challenged.

"The child herself feels guilty and blame. It is a tragic consequence of these cases that the victim is left with some feeling of responsibility because the family has been broken up and own children don't see you. She said she has felt self-conscious and ashamed of herself."

The man received a head sentence of five years in jail and will be eligible for parole on May 21, 2020.