GHOST ALERT: Laidley's Old Britanica Pub owner Ryan Beaumont is confident the pub is haunted.
GHOST ALERT: Laidley's Old Britanica Pub owner Ryan Beaumont is confident the pub is haunted. Dominic Elsome

Dead housemates keep pub owner company

LAIDLEY business owner Ryan Beaumont likes living with his three house mates, even if they did die a century ago.

Despite never laying eyes on the trio, The Old Britannia publican was confident he shared his hotel with an older man, woman and a young lady from a different dimension.

Mr Beaumont said his three house mates all had different characteristics.

The older woman was known to hold the hands of guests, and Mr Beaumont suspected the younger woman pulled the blankets off sleeping visitors.

"There are all sorts of weird energies going on in this place," Mr Beaumont said.

Mr Beaumont's only male house mate was known to unpack stools and pour himself a beer in the bar after he had packed everything up.

Mr Beaumont knew the place was haunted as soon as he purchased the pub.

"On my very first night I was walking down the stairs with a torch and half way down the stairs the light got brighter and the light blew, then I thought hang on there's no power surge," he said.

But once he started renovating the two-hundred-year-old building, the supernatural activity became stronger and stronger.

"I have seen cartons of beer stacked on top of each other fly across the room, (and) bottles of alcohol and plates have literally fallen of the shelf," he said.

Mr Beaumont had no doubts the business he called home was haunted.

"Too many people have seen and heard the same sort of things for me to dismiss the fact that a ghost walks the corridors at night," Mr Beaumont said.

He said guests had reported seeing figures, hearing footsteps and even had physical encounters when they were the only one in the room.

Steeped in history, Mr Beaumont said it made sense there was so much supernatural activity.

"I've heard a few residents that used to live here died in their rooms," Mr Beaumont said.

Mr Beaumont said the building was even used the keep dead bodies cold in the 1900s.

While Mr Beaumont knew the basics about the building's history, he said knew little about who could be haunting the pub.

In his third year as owner, Mr Beaumont is calling for information from the public in a bid to find out more about his three room mates and any other stories he could find out.

"I'd love to hear from anyone who knows some of the rich history of the pub and maybe we could even get a photo of our supernatural guests," he said.

The pub has newly renovated rooms, which were restored to their original state, keeping the pub as close to its heritage as possible.

Mr Beaumont invited anyone who would like to experience Laidley's lively history to stay the night.