Chad Kolcze will be skateboarding from Canberra to Thredbo in September.
Chad Kolcze will be skateboarding from Canberra to Thredbo in September. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

Getting the ball rolling on health

PROFESSIONAL snowboarder and children's author Chad Kolcze will skateboard from Canberra to Thredbo to raise awareness of childhood obesity and illiteracy.

The Byron Bay father of two knows first-hand the challenges of living with a learning difficulty.

"As a boy who struggled with literacy at school, being dyslexic, I've had to work hard to get to a level where I can publish a book," he said.

"We need to offer books that interest boys and inspire them to read."

Mr Kolcze will also teach the "rest, diet and movement" message to kids at schools during his 300km journey to Thredbo.

"Skating has gained huge momentum because it's a form of exercise that can happen almost anywhere, anytime, while offering kids a sense of freedom," he said.

Federal Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth Peter Garrett has taken an interest in Mr Kolcze's campaign and will join him for his departure from the steps of Parliament House on September 3.

At first, the thrill seeker was enthralled by the idea of a seven-day skateboarding trip from Australia's political capital to its snow capital, but reality quickly set in.

"As I got into the logistics of it all I found out I couldn't go on the highway because there's not enough shoulder to skate on and it's not legal," he said.

The 35-year-old will use a mountain board, a skateboard with extra large wheels, to ride backstreets and dirt roads. A support team of friends and family will accompany him.