The RACQ Tech Challenge.
The RACQ Tech Challenge. Contributed

Getting set for the RACQ Tech Challenge

GROWING up as both a nerdy and sporty kid, I was forever dreaming of ways to tinker with my bike or skateboard to make it go faster than anyone else's.

Many skinned knees and a couple of broken bones later, I was persuaded by my parents to retire from my childhood version of extreme sports.

Back then, there wasn't really a safe outlet for that kind of fun but for the past few years, the RACQ Tech Challenge has served as the holy grail for kids like me.

The 24-hour endurance race is on again this weekend through the streets of Maryborough, with thousands of students from more than 120 schools across Queensland testing their physical limits using a vehicle designed and built by themselves.

Some of the creations wouldn't look out of place as supercar concepts, such is the engineering skill of the students.

Teams not only spend months designing, constructing, and testing the vehicles, they also undergo rigorous training to ensure they can push themselves day and night around the 1.4km track that winds through Maryborough's CBD.

And despite the incredibly competitive nature of the race, the like-minded students all camp together for the weekend.

Sounds like heaven to me.

RACQ's free2go youth membership team will also there to provide a chill out zone for competitors as they await their turn to take the wheel.

The RACQ Tech Challenge is a growing part of the region's event calendar, attracting thousands from across Queensland, so if it sounds like your kind of thing visit for more information.