Things are getting bad when a TV commercial makes you sob.
Things are getting bad when a TV commercial makes you sob. BrianAJackson

Getting older can be a crying shame

Folks, I was watching an ad on tele the other night that was so moving, tears filled my eyes.

Of course, I manfully reached for some tissues while announcing I must be coming down with the man flu.

I think I pulled it off too, judging from the way Long Suffering Wife sniggered at me.

Honestly, this sort of thing has been happening a lot lately, crying that is; as well as the sniggering thing.

I'm starting to think I'm turning into an old sook.

Of course, why I was watching a commercial on TV is still something of a mystery. I suspect it was a combination of the remote control being slightly out of my reach and bone-idle laziness.

So, there I was, trapped in front of the tele, watching a commercial so sappy, corny, mawkish and sentimental that, to my utter surprise, I found myself stifling a sob.

In my defence, it was a genuinely moving 30 seconds. I knew I was being manipulated, but still, you'd have had to be made of stone, or in a coma, not to have been touched by it.

Having said that, I've dealt with the business being advertised and they've got all the morals of a horny tomcat.

I won't even hint at what the ad was about because the company would cheerfully sue me, and the next three generations of my offspring, into oblivion. They might make wonderful ads but they really aren't nice people.

I'm not saying their business is totally evil, but I reckon the Devil himself would struggle to get his photo on the Employee of the Month board.

Anyway, as I often say to my family and friends, back to me.

It's bad enough I find myself trying not to blubber during movies (while my Long Suffering Wife rolls her eyes) but things are getting bad when an TV commercial makes me sob.

So, I've added it to the growing list of things that make my bottom lip quiver lately. It's turning into quite a long list too.

Honestly, it's enough to make a man cry.