Kasey Chambers comes to Twin Towns
Kasey Chambers comes to Twin Towns

Getting authentic with Kasey

KASEY Chambers has seen more of Australia than most of us can ever dream of, but its performing on a big stage in Ipswich that right now has her truly excited.

She's had number one singles and albums on the pop and country charts over the years, and the mum of four shows no signs of slowing down as she takes her music to the masses.

CMC is the first of three big shows this month for Kasey, and don't' be surprised to see her in the audience grabbing a burger after her set.

"CMC is such a supportive environment, and I find it is just as much fun to be an audience member," Ms Chambers said before taking the stage to a 15,000 strong audience. "I'm always on the road and I don't get the chance to see these other artists live, so when someone you like is on stage I go out into the audience.

"I love doing that, going to get food, watching the show, I don't get hassled too much to be honest. I'm a real people person, I'm happy to stop and chat with most people.

"It's totally an Australian thing, to not mob someone, and I like that. I can't imagine what that's like dealing with paparazzi, but generally in Australia people come up and say they love your music, can I get a photo...who doesn't love that?"


One of Australia's most loved and accomplished performers Kasey Chambers has just announced the final tour dates for her ARIA # 1 album Dragonfly.
One of Australia's most loved and accomplished performers Kasey Chambers has just announced the final tour dates for her ARIA # 1 album Dragonfly. Contributed

Over hear career Kasey has gone from pop princess to country queen, and its not something that believes was intentional, but part of being true to your music.

"I don't know what genre I am any more. But in saying that I don't sit down and think about the fact I have to keep evolving as an artist. I want to make sure more that I keep challenging myself. I don't want to make the same album twice, ever. My last record was about sitting around a campfire singing songs from my childhood. Even I consider that evolving and challenging myself about my musical roots, and why it was so important to me to do that.

"You can try to copy what's on the radio and you'll not only be too late, but being true to yourself allows people to connect to it, and I'm proof of that. Many things I've done may not look smart on paper, but that's what works for me, and keeps it sounding fresh, real and true."

Kasey has spent her entire life on the road, especially as a child on the show circuit and with four kids in tow many times, it can be draining, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

"My biography needs an update, but yes, I'm so grateful for my childhood. I thought it was normal, but I now know of course it wasn't," Kasey said.

"I feel grateful that audiences follow me, and that they still allow me to do different things. It's not about 'oh my career needs to go in this direction', but I think good career moves are about being true to yourself, and if you're connected to it, you believe in it, you feel it.

"Authenticity is the easiest sell ever I reckon."

Kasey laughs when asked what is the best thing about her job.

"What's not to love about that sort of environment, sharing the stage with artists from all over the world, its frigging great, what's not to love about my job? In saying that, it never feels like a job. It is hard work, and in creative fields there is often more work that people see. I just came back from a tour with all my kids, and I still feel grateful that I get to do this every single day.

"I can't imagine doing this and squeezing in day job too!"