Get spooky these school holidays

Ipswich historian and author Jack Sim is bringing back his ghost tours to the Ipswich Cemetery just in time for some school holiday fun.

"The last time we ran a tour was in February and it's been so long since we've had a tour," he said.

"To be honest the thing I am looking forward to the most is reconnecting with local people.

"The whole point of my tours is to share history with people albeit haunted history."

Ghost tours with historian Jack Sims
Ghost tours with historian Jack Sims

The tours coincide with the 140th anniversary of the infamous Kelly Gang shootout at Glenrowan on June 28 in 1880 which saw the capture and subsequent execution of Ned Kelly later that same year.

"A gentleman by the name of James Ryan made a living through the 30s and 40s telling the story of his survival being a part of the Kelly Gang," he said.

"He claimed he was a Kelly and was an unrecorded member of the gang."

James Ryan or Dan Kelly as he eventually known, lived around Brisbane, Ipswich and Fairney View near Fernvale and died at the end of Wharf St in Ipswich in July 1948 when he was walking along the railway line at night.

He was decapitated by a passing coal train and his remains are buried at the Ipswich Cemetery.

Mr Sim will run three Ipswich cemetery tours over Friday June 26 and Saturday June 27.

"We meet outside cemetery gates on Cemetary Road and then we walk through the grounds of the graveyard and share with people old Ipswich ghost stories," he said.

"Some of the stories are of people who might haunt an old house or building in Ipswich, or it might be an actual ghost that haunts the cemetery and we walk to the spots and tell those stories."

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