Emilia Clarke is Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, in Game of Thrones.
Emilia Clarke is Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, in Game of Thrones.

Get your Game of Thrones fix ahead of season 4 premiere

IF YOU'RE a Game of Thrones fan and the handful of trailers for season four just aren't keeping you satisfied, then here's a few things to tide you over until Monday's premiere.


Official viewer's guide

HBO's Game of Thrones viewer's guide has a heap of content, including cast and director interviews, character profiles and breakdowns of the geography and noble families of Westeros. The only feature that's not available to international users is the viewing of full episodes on HBO Go.

HBO helps GoT fans explore Westeros.
HBO helps GoT fans explore Westeros.



Honest Game of Thrones

Finally, after much pressure on social media, the Screen Junkies team gives GoT the Honest Trailers treatment. The narrator says exactly what you were probably thinking, dubbing the show a "like a history test but with dragons and boobs".


Pick of the litter

Rolling Stone has compiled a list of the Top 40 GoT characters, ranked according to the strongest story arcs. You may or may not agree with how they've ranked major players like Jon Snow. The cast is so huge there wasn't room for all of the lords in Westeros, or lovable characters like Hodor.

Who would make your GoT Top 40?
Who would make your GoT Top 40?



Little known GoT facts

Nova Radio has compiled a handy list of 10 facts you might not know if you're not a die-hard GoT tragic.

Nova's facts you might not know about GoT.
Nova's facts you might not know about GoT.



Westeros dubbed

It might use footage from the first season, which feels so long ago, but this parody of GoT as a "Medieval Land Fun-Time World" is hilarious thanks to its surprisingly good lip syncing.


Game of Thrones Wiki

This is your source for everything you wanted to know about the show's intricate plot lines and relationships between characters. The season four page is a handy reminder of where we left the lords and ladies of Westeros at the end of the third season.



House of Thrones

The Toasty TV crew have put together this clever parody mash up of GoT with another hit US drama, Netflix's House of Cards. If you're familiar with the show starring Kevin Spacey then you'll find this video quite amusing.


A Lannista's Paradise

This Gangster's Paradise parody of GoT centres around fan favourite Tyrion Lannister. There are plenty of clever references in the lyrics but be warned there is some explicit language.


A warrior's thirst

THIS is not available in Australia but I just had to share it anyway. New York brewery Ommegang has released a series of three Game of Thrones beers crafted and named after the houses of Targaryen and Lannister and the Night'sWatch.

Ommegang's Fire and Blood red ale.
Ommegang's Fire and Blood red ale.



Game of Thrones season 4 debuts on Foxtel's Showcase channel on Monday at 3.30pm.