TOP PLANNING: Western Pride football operations manager Pye Augustine. Picture: Cordell Richardson
TOP PLANNING: Western Pride football operations manager Pye Augustine. Picture: Cordell Richardson

’Get-in, get-out’ plan saving football

IT was like an army operation getting everything in place to ensure a safe return to football training.

It was following a "get in, get out'' philosophy.

It required weeks of "boots ready'' planning.

However, Western Pride football operations manager Pye Augustine is delighted with the feedback, having all club teams return to training from Monday.

Despite carers only being allowed to drop their kids off and later pick them up, Augustine was encouraged by Pride's first sessions in months at the Briggs Road Sporting Complex and Springfield Central Sports Complex.

"Everyone's back full-time now,'' Augustine said.

"We got a good response from our parents. We're happy with that.

"It's been really good how the first two nights went.

"We've been able to put them all on the park for training and it's really good that everyone has abided by the regulations.

"People are just so keen to get back on to the pitch.''


Pye Augustine.
Pye Augustine.


Pride general manager Pat Boyle praised Augustine for taking a lead role in the club's determination to implement the necessary COVID-19 procedures to meet government, Football Queensland and Ipswich City Council requirements.

"She's been doing a mountain of work,'' Boyle said.

"She's making sure, from a governance aspect, that we tick all the boxes.''

That includes club plans to set up sanitiser stations, signage and specific zones for players of all ages to train in.

Although conceding it was a massive project, Augustine said: "I think we've executed it like a well-oiled machine''.

She said the kids were asked to sanitise on arrival and had an area to sit safely waiting for training to start.

"It's really like an army sort of profession,'' she said.

"It's good the people that we've got involved in the club as well.

"You have to be quite adaptable to a situation.''

Appreciative of her club's support, the Redbank Plains resident said getting up to speed with the requirements was essential.

"We followed the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) reboot framework, which is basically the get-in, get out philosophy,'' she said.

"We make sure they are all in their four metre squared areas allocated around the place.

"We've done all scheduling, sanitising stations all around the place, the signage and where people need to be. Also the signage from government, the social distancing, the washing of the hands, no touching . . . all those sort of things.

"It's been telling coaches what their parameters are.

"All the stuff we have to do afterwards - after each training session.

"Now that it's all set up, everyone can see how it runs. Everyone knows their expectations.

"Even our senior men, they can't even go in the dressing room.

"There's been no grumblings from them. They are just happy to be here.''