Gerard Whateley has quit the ABC to join SEN, he’ll continue his work on AFL 360.
Gerard Whateley has quit the ABC to join SEN, he’ll continue his work on AFL 360.

Whateley’s ABC radio bombshell

GERARD Whateley is quite comfortably one of the nations best sports broadcasters and after a 17-year run - 13 of which he has spent as the ABC's chief commentator - he has sensationally quit to join SEN.

SEN, or the Sports Entertainment Network, has recently merged with Craig Hutchison's Crocmedia and the addition of Whateley is a stunning coup for the radio station.

Whateley, a two-time Alf Brown trophy winner, will join the station and Crocmedia as the Chief Sports Caller with his official start date set for January 29.

Along with spearheading the football and racing coverages, Whateley will host his own show each day from 9am until midday and will be know simply as "Whateley".

The timeslot was previously owned by Kevin Bartlett who has been shifted to afternoons, 3pm to 6pm.

"Gerard might well be Australia's best all around journalist, commentator and host," Pacific Star chairman Craig Coleman said.


"He is passionate about our vision for becoming the benchmark of Australian sports broadcasting and brings a unique new perspective to our audience.

"We are absolutely delighted to partner with Gerard and his wife Claire into the next phase of his broadcasting journey."

Whateley is revered around the land for his calling ability and has racked up the trophies and awards to showcase his worth.

"This concept has become an irresistible prospect," Whateley said via SEN.

"For so many of us, Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world. The opportunity to craft a program that reflects our unique relationship with sport and speaks to every level of that community, from fan to participant, is a challenge I crave.

"My work and style is well revealed and that is what I'll bring to SEN. For those who treasure sport the way I do, I hope you'll come with me.

"To be the station's Chief Sports Caller is a great honour coming with the challenge and responsibility of doing justice to the wide range of events SEN will broadcast from the AFL season to the Melbourne Cup," Whateley added.