George Moore quits 2GB in legal stoush


Popular 2GB weekend radio host George Moore has quit the hit George and Paul show over a contract dispute with bosses at Macquarie Media.

The presenter said he could not go on because the station does not "have your back" and that a lack of legal protection meant that if he was sued he "could lose my home".

Moore told listeners on Sunday that he had been offered a contract to carry on until 2020 but with "a heavy heart" he had turned it down.

Quit... Veteran radio host George Moore
Quit... Veteran radio host George Moore

It is the latest blow to the station, which this week saw chief executive Adam Lang made redundant as the merger with Nine Entertainment gets underway.

One of the legacies from the Lang era at the station is new contracts for presenters that limit the indemnity on defamation insurance to just $50,000.

The indemnity limit was introduced after Alan Jones lost the Queensland floods defamation case, which resulted in a $3.7 million payout to the Wagner family.

Mr Moore said the clause was a deal-breaker that could not be resolved between him and Macquarie Media.

Redunda.... Adam Lang, CEO. Picture: Jono Searle.
Redunda.... Adam Lang, CEO. Picture: Jono Searle.

Of course, they have the right to put that limit in, and I have the right to say. no thanks," Moore told industry outlet radioinfo.

"I would have re-signed at the end of June, but the contract was changed, from full indemnity to a limit of $50K - which wouldn't pay for a lawyer.

"They said it was a small risk. And it is. But I could lose my home for simply doing my job.

"But every time you make a comment … you know they don't have your back. And that's what led to my decision," said Moore.

Macquarie Media has been contacted for comment.