Command Elite Hobbies Ipswich Manager Tyrone Graham. Photo: Ebony Graveur
Command Elite Hobbies Ipswich Manager Tyrone Graham. Photo: Ebony Graveur

Gelblasters get green light in licence ruling

NEW rules have helped clear up uncertainty surrounding the fast-growing gel blaster craze.

Throughout Queensland, those who own gel blasters will not be required to hold a weapons licence.

The State Government ruled the toys would not be classified as a firearm or category of weapon, despite their realistic appearance.

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Command Elite Hobbies Ipswich Manager Tyrone Graham said the news had come as a relief for most gel blaster enthusiasts.

“It’s awesome. People who have been unsure about buying gel blasters now can do so without worrying about needing to get a licence or losing them six months later,” Mr Graham said.

“When you’re transporting it, you need to have it in a bag or case but you won’t need to have a licence for it.”

Mr Graham, who plays three times a week, said the game was extremely fun and involved strategy.

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He said forcing hobbyists to obtain licences for gel blasters could have a negative consequences for Australia’s strict firearm laws.

Mr Graham said gel blaster hobbyists ranged across all ages but said, for some, the appeal of the game was enough to draw them out of their rooms.

“There are guys with depression and anxiety, people who (would otherwise) just sit and play computer games like Call of Duty and all that,” he said.

“It gets people off the couch, exercising and gets kids and families together to play the sport – we have a lot of kids and parents who play together.”

Mr Graham said the sport had grown in popularity, judging by sales across Brisbane and Toowoomba stores.

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