Bernard Gaynor
Bernard Gaynor Claudia Baxter

Gaynor still on the defensive despite sticking with Katter

AN OUTSPOKEN Katter's Australian Party Senate candidate has claimed victory against a move by the party to terminate his membership.

Former national secretary of the burgeoning political force, Bernard Gaynor, said on Sunday the decision not to end his party membership was positive.

Mr Gaynor has been a high-profile member of the party, due to a public spat over his membership after he made comments that he should be able to decide whether or not his children were taught by gay school teachers or not.

"After I explained my case - that the party should support parents and their right to object to homosexual teachers - the Management Committee decided not to terminate my membership today," he said.

"In fact, the party has confirmed that my actions and statements did not undermine its core values."

"The backlash against me from radical progressives was driven from their desire to indoctrinate children, regardless of parents' wishes."

But despite being accepted back into party ranks, Mr Gaynor still said he had issues with the KAP direction, saying there was no room in a party against gay marriage for candidates who support marriage equality.

"The party's candidates either support its values or they don't. If they don't, then necessarily the candidates must go or the values will change," he said.