Gastro, poop and more reported at public swimming pool

PARENTS are reporting seeing some pretty awful things at the Orion Lagoon.

From young kids not wearing nappies, to wearing regular nappies not designed for water use and lagoon users are fed up.

Some have reported getting gastro hours after visiting the lagoon, while others say they've never had a problem.

There's reports of people washing out food bowls in the shallow water and seeing lifeguards scooping poop out of the water as well as a mum washing poo out of her kids swimmers.

Australia Day celebrations at Orion Lagoon.
Australia Day celebrations at Orion Lagoon. David Nielsen

While the reports surfaced on a closed Facebook Group, Ipswich City Council said there has been no complaints.

A council spokesperson however has urged people to maintain high levels of hygiene.

"During the last two weeks of the school holidays, it is estimated more than 40,000 people visited Orion Lagoon," a council spokesperson said.

"More than two tonnes of chlorine was filtered into the lagoon over that time to maintain the correct levels, between 4-7 ppm (parts per million), depending on how many people are swimming, and the weather conditions.

"Each week, the water is chlorine dioxide treated, and the filter medium is changed twice a week. Filters are cleaned monthly by hosing candles in the filters, and they are cleaned four times a year with chemicals which meet health standards.

"Ipswich City Council is planning an advertising campaign, to be launched next week, which highlights the need for all visitors to public swimming areas to maintain high standards of hygiene.

"For example, those who have been sick within the past fortnight should stay out of the water. The same applies if a family member has been sick. This helps prevents the transfer of disease.

"Queensland Health regularly checks public pools and swimming areas for cryptosporidium - a cause of diarrhea and stomach illness commonly transferred person to person, particularly in households and childcare centres.

"There has been no instance of cryptosporidium in Orion Lagoon for at least the past month. On rare instances it is detected, water is treated weekly with chlorine dioxide (C5), a strong form of chlorine which kills the parasite."

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