Fortnite is back! And it’s sure to please gaming fans.
Fortnite is back! And it’s sure to please gaming fans.

Game-changing hint in Fortnite X trailer

THE teaser trailer for the latest iteration of popular video game Fortnite has provided some tantalising hints for players - including time travel.

The trailer for Fortnite Season X suggests the game-playing map has been taken over by time travel and more reality-warping shenanigans, with developer Epic Games teasing "the world you play today may not be the world you play tomorrow".


The return of Dusty Depot was teased before the new season started and it has come to fruition, with the surrounding area restored to its original glory, but with a twist. The giant meteor that hit it back in season three is also back, stuck in the air in suspended animation, creating an anti-gravity field.

Fortnite Season X map hints at time travel.
Fortnite Season X map hints at time travel.

Likewise, the exploding orb at Loot Lake is also in this state of frozen time and gravity, while the nearby area with the skeletal kaiju monster remains has changed, and is now surrounded by pink trees and flowers.

Given the map changes and the suspected time travel theme of season 10, we can expect other long-gone areas in the game, such as Greasy Grove, to make a comeback.

The next biggest change is the introduction of a new vehicle, the BRUTE, a two-player-controlled robot that can shoot missiles and a shotgun, do super jumps, stomp enemies and dash during combat to evade attacks.

It requires one person to control movement and another to shoot, but one player can control it by themselves by switching between the two. The BRUTE also harvests materials by destroying objects, before consuming them to create a shield that protects you in combat.

A number of weapons and items have been removed from the game including ballers, quad crasher, flint knock pistols, shadow bombs, semi-auto sniper, tactical assault rifle, mounted turrets, air strike and glider redeploy.

Other features from season nine, including slipstreams and Sky platforms, have been removed from the game, which will make it harder to get around the map and players will have to be more conscious of their zone placement and the incoming storm.


Fortnite Season X will showcase an array of ‘new dimensions’ for beloved characters.
Fortnite Season X will showcase an array of ‘new dimensions’ for beloved characters.



A new season means a new battle pass, with never-before-seen skins, gliders, wraps, emotes and pets. Fortnite promises the season 10 battle pass will also bring some "new dimensions to some of your favourite characters in ways you've never seen before".

Most of the new skins this season are fresh takes on old fan favourites, including a new Rustlord, Lama DJ, female versions of Drift and the graffiti artist Teknique. But the highlight is the new Tier 100 skin Ultima Knight, which looks to be the king of previous Knight skins.

There are also seven new emotes to be earned as you level up your battle pass, but my personal favourite is the dab stand, where your character does a handstand and dabs with their legs.

The battle pass costs 950 V-Bucks (about $14.95), but you also earn free V-Bucks as you level up your battle pass, which you can use for next season if you save them up. Also for the first time, you can now gift battle passes to friends until August 15.

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