Free help for gambling addiction just a phone call away

THERE are a number of services available across the region for those who are looking to get on top of their gambling addiction.

A Gambling Help Ipswich spokesman said the organisation offered a number of free services to people including face-to-face counselling.

He said often the hardest step was the first one.

"We answer all our calls within six seconds as research showed people who call us are more likely to seek help if we answer calls swiftly," he said.

"We have trained people who will speak to people about their gambling and their gambling habits.

"Gambling is not just an issue in the Ipswich community - it is a state-wide and national issue that affects a lot of people."

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The spokesman said the organisation did not just field calls from problem gamblers.

He said often concerned family and friends made the call seeking advice on how to help a loved one.

"People gamble for a number of reasons including financial and relationship stresses," he said.

"But sometime they do not realise their gambling could be the root cause of most of their problems."


  •  Gamblers Anonymous: 3356 0117
  •  Gambling Help Online: 1800 858 858
  •  Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277
  •  Gambling Help Ipswich: 3281 8677