GALLERY: A bird's eye view of Ipswich

AN EARLY start is not usually how I would like to spend my Friday, however, last Friday I spent the morning floating over the scenery of Ipswich.

As a photographer this kind of thing is what keeps the viewfinder to my eye. A calm and partly cloudy morning instilled hope of a nice sunrise to be the cherry on top of what would be an awesome experience regardless.

As the balloon inflated at our Ivor Marsden Oval take off location, light levels started to increase and a glimpse of golden light appeared on the horizon. I had never been in a hot air balloon before and was pleasantly surprised at how gracefully we glided through the skies.

The clouds broke and golden rays of light shone through, this is one sure way to please a photographer. After about an hour of stunning views we descended. I expected a solid thud as we landed, I braced myself but we landed like a feather, thanks to the experienced piloting by Graeme Day of Floating Images.