FORECAST: GPC boss believes the price of coal won't keep rising.
FORECAST: GPC boss believes the price of coal won't keep rising. Lee Constable

Galilee Basin a hot topic in political fight

THE future of the Galilee Basin remained a hot topic until the end of the election.

In days leading up to the to the final tally of declared seats, Katter's Australian Party MPs Rob Katter and Shane Knuth were still stressing the importance of the Galilee Basin.

"I've got people in Brisbane desperately saying 'please make this happen'," Mr Katter said.

"The coal mining will fund the mine itself. The railway line is the big barrier at the moment.

"There is an option with the railway line to be built by the public and be owned by the public."

Mr Knuth added there was an opportunity for the state to collect funds from the railway line and use them on future large projects.

"This railway line is an opportunity for us to own the railway line, build it in the right place, but in the end receive the royalties, receive the transport haulage costs and it'll build the tunnels, it'll build the buildings," he said.

In the final days of the election, both men said during negotiations that the LNP had been forthcoming but Labor had not.

Mr Katter acknowledged perhaps Labor was not being as forthcoming during negotiations because it already had the support of independent Peter Wellington and was likely to win 45 seats.

But he said it was still an important issue for Queensland.

"If they want to turn their back on that and turn their back on Queensland, well, I think it's our obligation not to support them."