Galaxy Gear Fit does trick as fitness motivator

WHO'D have thought that geekery and sports - two things that have long been like oil and water - would ever mix?

Now it seems like the impossible is happening as tech firms such as Samsung bet big on fitness tracking technologies, making it a key feature of their Galaxy S5 smartphone and the Galaxy Gear Fit smartwatch.

While the original Galaxy Gear didn't get rave reviews owing to limited battery life and its sheer bulk, the Galaxy Gear Fit remedies these issues, ticking a lot of boxes along the way. It is far less bulkier than the Galaxy Gear and has simpler functionality.

So did it work?

With only a short time to test it, I can say that I found its fitness functions useful as a motivator, elevating me from slob to semi-sloth status. Left with the fit a bit longer, who knows what would be possible?

The fit is a sexy wearable that does exactly what it says on the box and can be had for the reasonable sticker price of $249.