Gable Tostee explains why he recorded fatal Tinder date

GABLE Tostee has attempted to explain why he recorded his Tinder date with Kiwi Warriena Wright, who plunged to her death from his 14th floor Gold Coast balcony.

In an interview with Channel Nine, Tostee said he recorded audio of his date with Wright "just in case".

"The question isn't so much why I did that, but why wouldn't you," he said.

"I don't have the best memory when I'm drunk."

He had recorded about three hours of audio on his phone, and it was played back to him through the interview.

He could not detail how he restrained the 26-year-old and said he did not hear her scream when she plunged to her death that night, in August 2014.

Tostee rejected the characterisation he was a 'playboy', and said sleeping with 180 women 'is not really a surprising figure' nowadays.

Tostee is rumoured to have been paid $150,000 for the tell-all interview, the first time the public has heard his explanation.

He used his right not to testify during his trial.

Snippets of the interview had been aired in the lead-up to the program.

Gable Tostee (right)  logged back on to Tinder just days after Rrie Wright's death.
Gable Tostee (right) logged back on to Tinder just days after Rrie Wright's death.

The clips had previously revealed Tostee was no longer on the dating app, Tinder, was 'still traumatised' and had attempted to reach out to Warriena's family.

He attempted to explain why he left his apartment building to eat pizza and called his father rather than phone emergency services.

''What happened, had happened - there was nothing an ambulance could do,'' Tostee said.

"Nobody's trained for a situation like this. It's like being hit by lightning.

"There's no right or wrong to proceed from there.

''I don't know what else to do. I wanted it to stop,'' Tostee said of the pair's altercation.

In an audio recording taken by Tostee, Ms Wright can be heard yelling 'no' more than 30 times, to which Tostee responds she was 'certainly trying to make a lot of noise.'

'Can you understand why many people would think you're a cold, heartless, cruel bastard?' Tostee was asked.

'When you put it that way, umm,' Tostee said before the clip ended.

He said he was ''still traumatised'' and wanted to speak with Warriena's family and had put in a "formal request" through the Queensland Courts, but "they weren't interested in anything he had to say".

Tostee had locked the New Zealand tourist on his balcony when the pair fought while intoxicated on their date in August, 2014. Warriena climbed over the balcony in an apparent attempt to escape but plunged to her death.

Tostee pleaded not guilty and was cleared of murder and manslaughter last month.