Australia demographer Bernard Salt.
Australia demographer Bernard Salt. Contributed

Future Ipswich from the Editor's desk

Dear valued subscriber,

Tomorrow we launch our Future Ipswich campaign in The Queensland Times but as a valued subscriber you are getting the first look at this important editorial series.

We've engaged with top Australia demographer Bernard Salt to get a detail insight in to what our city looks like today and how it is going to look in the years to come.

From our religious preferences, where to find love, where we live and work and how old we are, we have a complete overview of Ipswich.

Bernard has penned this exclusive opinion piece based on his research and as a digital subscriber - it's landed in your inbox before anyone else gets a chance to read.

The most important issue Bernard has pin-pointed is our unprecedented population growth.

We are growing faster than anywhere in the nation and there are only a handful of pockets in Australia that are experiencing what we are experiencing.

And this has painted an interesting picture of what we need to do as a city.

It will bring many challenges. But it will also bring opportunities.

To make the most of these opportunities we need to get ahead of the game now.

We need infrastructure, facilities and services to match our growing population.

We need government money from all levels to make that happen.

This is not just about Ipswich. The future liveability of all of southeast Queensland will depend on how our city is set up in the coming years.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be bringing you a more detailed look at exactly what we do need to make the most of the opportunity in front of us.

We'll look at education, health, transport, infrastructure, development, employment and more.

And we'll be asking our pollies to cough up the coin to make it happen.

As a subscriber, we know that you are more engaged with local issues than most people. We hope you'll find our Future Ipswich series insightful and we're eager to hear your thoughts as well.

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Editor, Shannon Newley