Fury over pompous note left on car


A Perth resident who left a note blasting a driver for parking on a verge has been labelled "snobbish" and "rude" for comparing it to the actions of someone who lived in a cheaper suburb.

The note has sparked a fierce debate after being shared on social media, with some labelling the note justified, while others said it was "arrogance personified".

The message reads: "This is not Balga park in the street. Not on the lawn don't park here again."

Balga is a suburb in Perth's north where houses have a median price of $298,250.

According to Perth radio show 6PR Breakfast, who posted the note on their Facebook page on Monday, the note was left on a car in the up-market Perth western suburb of Claremont, where houses carry a median price of $1.44 million.

The note has been labelled ‘snobbish and antagonistic’ on Facebook. Picture: 6PR Breakfast
The note has been labelled ‘snobbish and antagonistic’ on Facebook. Picture: 6PR Breakfast

The tone of the note divided people on Facebook, with several blasting it for being "way out of line".

"I think it is down right rude. Snobby," one commented, while another added: "All the more reason to park on this idiot's verge, self-centred entitled people like this flog needs to know, that whatever area you're from doesn't mean you're better than everybody else."

"What a freaking snob! I've lived Balga, Midland, Gosnells, Bassendean, Beechboro, Scarborough," one person wrote.

"All suburbs have their 'riff raff' & all have their so called 'pillars of society'. Have they actually lived in Balga to make this comparison? I doubt it."

Another person joked that it was "placist" while one said there was a better way to tell someone not to park there.

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"There is a nice way to explain to people to refrain from parking on COUNCIL PROPERTY I too had that problem … The message displayed here is antagonistic and way out of line," another commented.

But others thought the note was "fair enough" and "absolutely justified" given the inconvenience of having someone park on the verge outside their home.

"If that what it takes to get people not to park on somebody else's lawn fair enough," one person argued.

"Some people don't think or don't care where they park."

According to the Town of Claremont Council, parking on a verge is only allowed if an owner decides to park there or gives permission for someone else to park there.

The suburb's parking policy sees consideration "also given to aesthetic, safety and environmental issues".

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