Can you guess what happens next?
Can you guess what happens next?

Funniest cricket video you’ll ever see

IF laughter really is the best medicine then this video should cure that New Year's Day hangover right up.

You might think there are few better sights in cricket than a Virat Kohli cover drive or Mitchell Starc inswinging yorker but a one minute and 46-second compilation of seriously funny slip-ups has both of those guys covered.

The good folk at Cricket District created a montage out of clips from That's So Village to ensure 2020 got off to the best possible start as they blessed the internet with a round-up of scenes so bad they're good.

The video got some love on social media from former cricketers like Dean Jones, David Lloyd and Matt Prior and it's easy to see why.

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After careful observation and analysis of many replays, our one-line summaries of each incident are as follows:

1. Man literally swings himself off his feet

2. Bowler really enjoys taking the scenic route to the crease

3. Batting blunders are enough to make an opponent's head hurt

4. Who said shoulder charges weren't part of cricket?

5. There aren't glasses anywhere in the world good enough to fix this umpire's eyesight

6. Usually players wait until they're back in the dressing room before throwing their bat

7. Guys, didn't anyone ever tell you communication is key?

8. These blokes changed their minds more often than they do their underwear

9. Be honest, who yelled out "freeze!" after the ball hit the bat?

10. Talk about kicking - or in this case, throwing a ball at someone's backside - when they're down

11. Now you see him, now you don't

12. We know cricket's not always fun but running into the woods mid-game to get away from it is a bit extreme

13. Anyone who's played cricket knows bad balls get wickets

14. Don't you hate it when play is stopped because of a runaway cow?