Every dollar counts at the pump these days.
Every dollar counts at the pump these days. mediaphotos

Fuming at the pump

Folks, I don't make a habit of flaunting my wealth, which is fairly easy to because there's really not much to flaunt.

But, prepare to be amazed, because this week I filled up my car's petrol tank!

I'd been driving round on fumes for days and it was a choice between taking out a small bank loan to buy petrol or walking everywhere.

Afterwards, I wandered inside to pay and found the cashier cringeing behind the counter. She had the hunted look of a baker who'd just had her shop ransacked by a pack of starving chimps.

"H-h-how are you l-luv?” she stammered.

"Alright mate,” I replied, noting how she flinched as I whipped out my wallet.

"D-d-do you have a discount card?”

I certainly did. I'd even found it without the traditional dash back to the car, desperate dig through the glove box followed by the ceremonial tossing out of the floor mats and eventual slumping of the shoulders in defeat and slinking back to the checkout.

"That's two dollars off,” she announced.

It was the financial equivalent of putting half a teaspoon of sand back onto the beach.

But what can you do?

Well, I'll tell you what I didn't do. I didn't take out my fuel price frustrations on the poor old lady behind the service station counter like everyone else had done that morning.

It's not her fault petrol prices have gone through the roof like a misfired flare gun. Judging from the wreck parked outside, she's a motorist too and therefore, a fellow sufferer.

Also, I'm not going to live in hope that the government will act soon, because nobody alive today is going to live that long.

So, what to do?

Basically, I'll start driving less. Much less. My backside is going to become very familiar with the seat of my trusty bicycle, Pubtruck Mk2.

Plus, if prices keep going up, my tank of petrol will be worth its weight in gold very soon. I'll be rich I tells ya! Rich!

But probably not wealthy enough to fill my car's tank again.