Frantic search for neighbour as woman's home destroyed

"It's just f***ing destruction."

That's one Laidley locals' comment as she watched fires blaze through her hometown.

The Lockyer Valley has filled with smoke in the space of two short hours, with homes on Coolabah Court lost to the blaze.

Onlookers stood outside their burned-down home, crying and disbelieving the sight.


A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, and her 15-year-old son were told they could not go down Coates Street, where their elderly friend lived.

"We tried to get through to the other side to get to John but we couldn't and the police asked us to stop people from coming through the street," the woman said.

"But nobody can tell us if he got out or where he is and I can't get a hold of him."

The duo said they heard two explosions while standing at the end of their friend's street.

"Apparently a couple of houses up there have been lost to (the fire)," she said.

"We were standing here and it was like a gas bottle exploded and then there was another explosion right where the choppers were dropping water."

Water-bombing helicopters tried to douse the blaze in water collected from Nada Lagoon, while onlookers watched from the bridge.