Inspector Keith McDonald.
Inspector Keith McDonald. Rob Williams

Frustrated cop's passionate plea for drivers to stay alive

FRUSTRATED police are pleading with drivers to show some patience and courtesy after a horror school holidays on the district's roads.

Three people have died and several more injured in separate crashes across the Ipswich district in the past week.

A woman's death in a head-on crash at Mutdapilly on Friday afternoon followed the deaths of two motorcycle riders in separate crashes earlier in the week.

Ipswich's road toll so far this year is eight, one more than this time last year.

Ipswich Police District Inspector Keith McDonald was evidently frustrated with the horror week on the roads.

He said the message remained the same as always - avoid the fatal five and be patient.

"The message to divers is clearly to drive to the conditions and be aware of their surroundings," Insp McDonald said.

"There's a lot of extra traffic on the roads during the holiday period."

Insp McDonald said mobile phones should be left alone while driving and motorists needed to be alert.

"Any fatal traffic crash is an unfortunate waste of life that nobody wants," he said.

"The impact on family and friends is too much for anybody to bear.

"It's something no emergency service member ever wants to attend."

He said drivers should not become impatient while travelling as the roads became busier with many people travelling.

"If there's fog or if it's raining take that extra second to turn the corner or lower your speed by a few kilometres," he said.

"Stop the unfortunate loss of life. Nobody needs to be facing that situation.

"We continue to say over and over again that one death is too many and we'll keep saying it until we get to where we want to be which is zero."

Insp McDonald said people should slow down through the many roadwork zones across the district.

"Respect those who are trying to improve the quality of our roads," he said.