Ian, Lynette and Edward Fraser would like to see more buses come through the suburbs of Augustine Heights and Redbank Plains.
Ian, Lynette and Edward Fraser would like to see more buses come through the suburbs of Augustine Heights and Redbank Plains. Ashleigh Howarth

Frustrated commuters call for public transport review

FRUSTRATED commuters in two Ipswich suburbs would like to see more streets added to public bus routes, stating buses currently only travel down main roads.

Augustine Heights residents Ian and Lynette Fraser, along with Edward Fraser from Redbank Plains, would like to see changes made to the 522 and 526 bus routes, so more people could access public transport.

"If my wife and I want to use the bus, we have to walk up two big hills, and the nearest bus stop is one kilometre away," Ian said.

"My wife can't really walk to the bus stop, so I either have to drop her off, or we just drive.

"But if there were more buses in the suburbs, and closer stops, we would use the buses a lot more.

"The buses are every hour, so that adds an extra hour into your working day. It's taking people an hour just to get out of their own suburb."

Being a one-vehicle family, Mrs Fraser said not having quick access to public transport did make things hard.

"If Ian wants to take the car out, I either have to get him to drop me off at the bus station, or ask someone to come and pick me up and ask them to drive me where I need to go," she said.

"It's not ideal and not something you can do all the time."

For Edward, he would like to see the bus timetime line up better with the train schedule.

"My wife uses the trains and when she gets to the train station, the bus has already left. She then has to wait."

All three say bus stops were built in the smaller surrounding streets in their suburbs but they aren't utilised because no buses make their way there.

Robert Dow from Rail Back on Track said he was aware of the issues with the bus lines and was campaigning Translink to review the services.

"I wrote to Translink on February 24 asking them what they were going to do about these bus lines," he said.

"It's a nightmare out here. These two lines get more official complaints and the 522 is always chronically late.

"Translink need to take into account the increased traffic in the region. How can buses run on time through that?

"That then has a flow on effect for the next services."

Mr Dow said he would also like to see a new system implemented for rail and bus connections.

"One of the things we have tasked ourselves with this year is to get Translink to do something about the rail and bus connections, because they are very poor," he said.

"People are missing their buses because the trains are late.

"I travel around Australia and go on public transport systems, and at Perth rail stations they have timers which show the arrival time of the trains and how many minutes they are late.

"In Perth, the bus drivers can wait up to six minutes to pick up their passengers.

"You can't hold trains, but you can fix up the timetable to allow people to transfer from trains to buses.

"What we need to do here is the same - we need to come up with a way which will allow bus drivers to be aware of how late the trains are.

"We think there could be a leeway of between eight to 10 minutes."

Member for Jordan Charis Mullen is urging residents who have been affected to contact her.

A TransLink spokesperson said they will continue to monitor the growing region and make changes accordingly.

"We understand some residents face physical challenges in accessing bus stops," the spokesperson said.

"However, the road network through Augustine Heights is tight and not connected. This makes it challenging to operate services or realign routes within the suburb.

"Route 526 has been designed within these road constraints to maximise the coverage for Augustine Heights residents.

"TransLink will continue to monitor growth and development in these areas, including road network changes. Changes to these suburbs, along with community feedback, will be considered in future reviews of the network.

"The provision of transport services to all areas of Queensland can be challenging.

"This is particularly the case in areas which are still under construction or have limited road space for buses to navigate safely."