TEMPTATION: The McDonalds on Glenlyon Rd, Gladstone.
TEMPTATION: The McDonalds on Glenlyon Rd, Gladstone. Kara Irving

Frozen Coke-run costs Gladstone man $1303

JOSEPH Daniel Jones' decision to pop 350m down the road for a frozen Coke last June proved to be very, very costly.

The 21-year-old Gladstone man drove an unregistered, uninsured motorcycle - with no number plates - to McDonalds on Glenlyon St around 11.30pm on June 3, 2017... while his licence was suspended.

Police responding to the loud noise made by the bike caught him coming out of the restaurant holding a frozen Coke, after which he told them "I literally drove from around the corner".

Jones was fined a total of $1303 for the offences, which also included two counts of breaching parole.

The total of the fines prompted an ice-cold quip from sentencing Magistrate Melanie Ho.

"You'll always remember that Frozen Coke, won't you?" she said.

"Focus on your parole."