How cold was it this morning?
How cold was it this morning? Gilbert Peckett

Frosty weather overnight as mercury plummets

IPSWICHIANS awoke to frosty windows, breaking out the robes, Uggs and extra hot cups of coffee this morning as the temperature plummeted to 2.6C.

The cold snap is expected to continue into next week, with only a reprieve on the weekend. The Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Lachlan Stoney said conditions were conducive to some light frost.

"There's light winds, generally pretty clear skies, a little bit of patchy cloud over the top which tends to inhibit the frost but there wasn't too much around the Ipswich area,” he said.

"It's more on the mild side for the next couple of days, temps around 25C to the max and probably 6-7C for the next couple of mornings.

"But really once we get to Sunday we'll see the significantly colder mornings return.”

Friday is set to drop to 6C overnight, 8C on Saturday and then below 3C from Sunday all through early next week.

"Potentially 1-2C in the Ipswich area Sunday-Monday,” Mr Stoney said.

"Quite likely to get some frosts on Monday, but also possible on the Sunday and things will warm up Tuesday.”