Frosty start for Ipswich ahead of warm change

IT'S another frosty morning across Ipswich with temperatures dipping to near freezing.

A low of two degrees is expected across the region this morning, almost a carbon copy of the past few days when frost covered some parts.

But for those who have had enough of the cold starts, relief is on the way - although it will be short lived.

BoM says Friday's low will be a comparatively warm six degrees due to cloud cover, before cooling off again heading into the weekend.

According to the Amberley weather station, the closest to Ipswich city, temperatures dropped to -1.9 degrees on Wednesday morning at 6.32am.

The coldest recorded day so far this month was Saturday when Amberley dropped to -2.7 degrees.

That's cold but still not close to the monthly historical set in July 2007 when temperatures plummeted to -4.3 degrees.

The coldest ever temperature at Amberley was -4.9 degrees, recorded in August 1994.

Ipswich forecast

Today: Max 26 degrees

Friday: Min 6, max 24 degrees

Saturday: Min 3, max 21 degrees

Sunday: Min 3, max 23 degrees