FROSTY: The coldest places in Queensland this morning

IT WAS a chilly weekend across Queensland.

Temperatures dipped below freezing in a host of cities and towns, inlcuding in the southeast.

On Saturday, Ipswich temperatures plummeting to -1.7 degrees.   

Sunday's low was -0.2 degrees,  according to the Amberley weather station, with morning frost in some parts of the region.   

But it was the towns out west that shivered the most.

Roma was the coldest place in Queensland on Sunday morning with a low of -4 degrees.   

That's cold but last weekend was even colder.  

On Sunday, July 14, Roma dropped to -5.3 degrees, the coldest so far this month.   

The rest of the week is expected to be a little warmer for Ipswich with maximum temperatures around 25 degrees and an average of 5 degrees each morning.

Queensland's coldest places for Sunday, July 22

  • Roma -4.0ºc
  • Miles -3.9ºc
  • Oakey -3.2ºc
  • Dalby -3.0ºc
  • Warwick -2.8ºc
  • Applethorpe -2.7ºc
  • Kingaroy -2.6ºc
  • Urandangi -1.4ºc
  • Canungra -1.3ºc
  • St George -1.2ºc
  • Wellcamp -1.0ºc
  • Charleville -0.7ºc
  • Rolleston -0.4ºc
  • Lochington -0.3ºc
  • Ipswich -0.2ºc
  • Gayndah 0.1ºc
  • Mt Isa 0.1ºc
  • Gatton 0.6ºc
  • Longreach 1.7ºc
  • Blackall 1.9ºc