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Have you ever read a budget announcement and thought, wait that sounds a little familiar?

Or perhaps you've delved in to what seemed like a good news funding allocation only to read the fine print and realise the cash will only be dished out if another level of government also commits. And that's fairly unlikely.


Dressing up old pledges as new money, commitments with conditions attached and talking up the impact beyond their benefits are all ways pollies use budget announcements to make themselves look stars.

So we've asked the question; how much of it is worth celebrating and how much of it is spin?

Hayden Johnson has scoured through the most recent budget handed down by the State Government to analyse what genuine commitments we can cheer about and the ones we shouldn't take at face value.

There's some good news in there for Ipswich, but equally there are some budget claims we shouldn't be celebrating as wins for the city.

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Editor, Shannon Newley