RIDE ON: Adam Hodkinson admitted to riding a stolen motorcycle and possessing a restricted weapon.
RIDE ON: Adam Hodkinson admitted to riding a stolen motorcycle and possessing a restricted weapon. Ross Irby

'Friend' gave stolen Triumph bike to rider

BUSTED astride a stolen Triumph motorcycle, the rider told police he "got it off a friend”.

But Adam Hodkinson stayed silent when he was asked who that friend was.

In evidence before Ipswich Magistrates Court, prosecutor Sergeant Matt Donnelly said the Triumph was reported stolen from Woolloongabba on October 8.

Then on November 25 police intercepted Hodkinson at 5.50pm riding a Triumph on Langley Rd in Camira.

A check revealed it had false plates, with its actual plates hidden beneath.

Sgt Donnelly said checks revealed the bike was stolen.

"He was arrested and taken to Springfield police station. He says he got it off a friend,” Sgt Donnelly said.

"When asked for more details he was vague, refused to say names, addresses or contacts.

"Then he confirmed that he did not know who the legal owner was.”

Sgt Donnelly said a home-made taser was found in Hodkinson's backpack. Hodkinson said it was for his protection.

The taser was made from a modified Maglite torch.

He also had a set of knuckle-dusters.

Adam Robert Hodkinson, 35, a tyre fitter from Camira, pleaded guilty to two charges of being in possession of weapons at Augustine Heights, and unlawful use of a motorcycle at Camira on November 25.

Defence lawyer Alexis Oxley said Hodkinson had recently received threats.

He said he did not know having knuckle-dusters was unlawful.

Ms Oxley said Hodkinson was not working because of a shoulder injury and had a lack of criminal history.

Ms Oxley sought a conviction not to be recorded.

Magistrate David Shepherd said there was a lack of information about how Hodkinson came to be in possession of the stolen Triumph.

"In the absence of information, how am I supposed to deal with that?

"Why should I give leniency?” he said.

Hodkinson was fined $1000 and a conviction recorded for the two weapon offences.

Mr Shepherd did not record a conviction for the unlawful use charge.