PASSING ON THE LOVE: Rachael Ropata wants to pass on the
PASSING ON THE LOVE: Rachael Ropata wants to pass on the "baton" to make someone else's wedding day that extra bit special. Samantha Poate

FREE: Woman wants to give away her $3000 wedding dress

ONE woman is trying to make every bride's dreams come true by gifting her $3000 unused wedding dress to someone who needs or wants it.

Rachael Ropata, of Suffolk Park, said just under a year ago a woman from the Gold Coast did the same thing for her when she was considering getting married to her long time partner.

"I was flicking through different Facebook pages and a friend had mentioned the lady that was wanting to gift the dress in the first place," Ms Ropata said.

"She said to me, 'I just hope you have a beautiful day and that this dress gives you a lot of happiness'."

Now a year later, Ms Ropata said she wanted to pass on the dress to someone else who may need it more than she does.

"I just thought it was time for it to be passed on to someone that needs it or wants it," she said.

"It's been a year now since I have had the dress, and we haven't really gotten any closer to making plans and I don't like the idea of it sitting and being forgotten in my wardrobe."

Since posting on the Byron Bay Community Board last week, Ms Ropata has received plenty of messages.

"I've received messages from people suggesting friends or even about 10 of them were people saying I think what you are doing is really amazing," Ms Ropata said.

"The responses made me realise it was quite a cool thing but before that it was more just passing on what this other amazing woman had started."

Ms Ropata said she hopes it makes someone else feel as special as she did this time last year.

"At the time it really did, it made my year. You know I just thought this is the most amazing thing someone's done and to be able to do that again for someone else is just awesome."

The dress is a Simonelli Bridal Couture dress worth $3000.

Ms Ropata said it will fit anyone who usually wears a woman's size 6 or 8.

"If the man's got a size 6 to 8 frame, go for it, as long as follows the original intent behind the dress which is pass on the love," she said.

Anyone who is interested in the stunning gown can private Facebook message Ms Ropata or comment on her post.