Ipswich Administrator Greg Chemello.
Ipswich Administrator Greg Chemello. Cordell Richardson

'Free' Chemello changes focus as city's new CEO starts work

RESIDENTS and community groups can expect to see more of Ipswich's administrator after the renowned appointment of the city's new chief executive officer.

As new CEO David Farmer works through his first week in the top job, administrator Greg Chemello is preparing to shift his focus beyond the walls of the council building.

Since being appointed by the State Government in August, Mr Chemello has worked to change internal council policies and procedures.

With the appointment of Mr Farmer, an experienced Local Government chief executive officer, Mr Chemello intends to step away from managing the council's daily operations.

"David as CEO is responsible for the management and the operation of council," Mr Chemello said.

"It takes a little bit of pressure away from myself and the interim management committee that advises me about the day-to-day operations and management of the council."

He said the appointment of Mr Farmer would allow him to spend more time outside in the state's fastest-growing region.

"It's been a bit tough for me to get into the community and speak to community organisations as much as I'd like," he said.

"This will free up a bit of my time, I'm hoping to get in and talk to community organisations and out of that stems a future leadership for councillors.

"My role is hopefully in 2019 really talking through the issues like the (councillor) divisional boundary arrangements.

"We're going to run a public consultation about that."

The council is preparing to start building a framework and guide for new councillors.

Mr Chemello will set aside time in his diary to meet with Local Government candidates for the 2020 election.

"I see a role for myself to have active discussions with those sort of people," he said.

The make-up of the divisional boundaries ahead of 2020 remains unknown.

The council will release a public survey in March.