FRACKING: It should be outlawed in Queensland, says reader.
FRACKING: It should be outlawed in Queensland, says reader. Contributed

Fracking must be outlawed now

FRACKING should be and must be outlawed in Queensland.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has had nearly three years to outlaw it and she hasn't.

Tim Nicholls has no intention to outlaw it either.

Despite corroborated evidence which proves that fracking has caused substantial contamination to a huge area of farmland in Queensland, and despite both Labor and LNP politicians knowing full well that fracking has released dangerous carcinogens into aquifers which are used to irrigate farmland in Queensland, both parties inexplicably remain fully committed to the non-conventional gas industry.

The time has come for common sense and logic to overcome political insanity and ignorance on the issue of fracking.

There is plenty of gas in Queensland and will be for decades to come. It can be extracted using conventional methods.

In fact, there is probably at least a century's worth of gas deposits waiting to be tapped into where the flawed fracking process need never be used to get it out of the ground.

Wake up Palaszczuk and Nicholls. That's my message to you. That's the message to you from so many Queensland farmers.

Outlaw fracking or frack off.