DIRTY: Neighbours have complained about the rubbish outside a Gailes home.
DIRTY: Neighbours have complained about the rubbish outside a Gailes home. Contributed

'Worse than a tip': Neighbours gag at home's foul stench

A FOUL stench coming from a messy property at Gailes has left neighbours feeling nauseous inside their own homes.

Tenants were evicted from a home on Janice St, leaving items of clothing, food and broken furniture everywhere.

A neighbour, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she feared retribution, said the home was like a dump.

"The people got evicted on Friday and by the time the police arrive they'd left," the neighbour said.

"They left the house in a complete dump.

"It's an eyesore every single day."

The neighbour said the smell coming from the home was also unbearable.

"It's like the Ipswich tip times ten," they said.

"You can't eat because of the smell."

The home's owner, who could not be reached for comment, is understood to have spent this week cleaning the property after the tenants' eviction.


A mattress from the messy Gailes home.
A mouldy mattress dumped outside the home. Contributed

The neighbour has previously been inside the home and said the tenants "weren't the best people to live alongside".

"After walking through the house I felt nauseous and sick," the neighbour said.

"There were rats crawling through."

The state of the property raised questions about the powers of neighbours to demand action.

When made aware of an unsightly property, Ipswich City Council will first conduct a site visit to determine compliance with the Public Health Act.

The council can issue a public health order requiring remedial works to be done within a specified timeframe.

If works are not completed within the timeframe, the council can take further action.

The council encourages residents to first attempt to resolve neighbour disputes through communication.