Supplies of baby formula in Ipswich seem to be as per normal
Supplies of baby formula in Ipswich seem to be as per normal DimaSobko

Ipswich take on baby formula fights

A VIDEO taken in a supermarket last week that's doing the rounds on social media left many mums flabbergasted when it went viral, leaving Ipswich families also wondering if they can get their formula when needed.

The video, filmed by a customer at Box Hill Woolworths, a suburb east of Melbourne, featured shoppers pushing and shoving each other to get to one particular brand of formula.

Locally produced baby formula products are very popular with Chinese buyers following several poisoning scares there.

Sending tins of the formula to China has become a very profitable business for professional buyers known as 'Daigous', some who are making six figures a year.

In Ipswich, it doesn't seem to be an issue, and after speaking to several larger retailers in the city, it is doubtful we will ever see these kind of scenes happen in our city, but if you do have any concerns, you should speak to the store manager.

A Coles spokesperson told The Queensland Times: "Coles is committed to ensuring our customers have access to infant formula and as a result we are limiting sales quantities to two units per customer. We are working with our suppliers on solutions to improve availability for customers.

"Where formula is unavailable, we encourage customers to speak with their local store manager."

Woolworths confirmed that Ipswich stocks are as per normal.

"We have a two-tin transaction limit on baby formula in place and our store teams work hard to ensure customers have access to stock when they need it," a spokesperson said. "Baby formula stock has and continues to be readily available for our customers in and around Ipswich."

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