Former QT general manager David Box has announced he will run in division 3.
Former QT general manager David Box has announced he will run in division 3.

DIV 3: New candidate announces plan for council tilt

FORMER QT general manager David Box has put his hand up to run in division 3 in the upcoming Ipswich City Council elections in March.

Mr Box said it was a desire to become more hands on in the community that led to his decision to run.

"I think with what's happened with the council recently with everyone being sacked and the fact that everyone is going to be new, I think it's a really good time for every councillor to work together for the better of Ipswich in general, rather than just concentrating on their own little area," he said.

"I also think too there is a lot of good stuff coming to Ipswich, a lot of good stuff that's about to happen in Ipswich and I think it's a really good time to be involved with that."

"It's very similar in what I was doing with the paper and the fact our role with the paper is connect the community, advocate for major infrastructure projects and make Ipswich a better place and I want to be a bit more hands on with that."

The hopeful candidate, who finished up with the QT in October, said his business experience would prove beneficial in the role as a councillor and he would like to take more action around arts and culture in the region.

"In the Ipswich 2020 vision there hasn't been a lot done on the arts and cultural strategy, I'd really make that a priority and making sure we're identifying events or venues that council can support or join with and make sure that we're giving everyone the opportunity that wants it," he said.

"I think arts and culture is just as important as sporting and it's just something that just hasn't been done. It's in the document, it's in the plan, but it's just one thing that hasn't really had any action on it and that's why I think it's a priority."

Mr Box said he'd also have a focus on the local waste management strategy, as well as beautifying the region.

"I want to also make sure I advocate for major infrastructure projects, like the CBD, the hospital, the Showgrounds, Willowbank Raceway, the turf club," he said.

"They're all in division three, which is one of the reasons I wanted to run for division three.

"And the Springfield to Ipswich transport connection as well."