Former mayor still in top job according to online profile

FORMER Ipswich mayor Andrew Antoniolli is still in the top job, that is according to his LinkedIn profile.

A year after he was found guilty of 13 fraud related charges when in office as an Ipswich councillor, he has yet to update the information and contact details on his social media profile.

It still lists his job as mayor of Ipswich and his council email as a contact.

He was sentenced in August last year and received six months jail, wholly suspended for a period of 18 months.

Mr Antoniolli was last in court last month, as he looked to overturn his fraud convictions and jail sentence.

No date was given for the appeal decision to be handed down.

The former police officer had hoped to work as a real estate agent after acquiring a licence in December 2018.

His defence had argued a real estate career was his only way forward after politics and a conviction would prevent him from pursing that path.

Mr Antoniolli has largely stayed out of the spotlight aside from his court appearances.

He does post bible verses and related messages semi-regularly on his public Instagram account.

Mr Antoniolli has also posted a couple of tweets on his public Twitter account since his conviction, including a couple criticising Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Federal Government.

He also posted a message wishing his followers well on Christmas Day last year.

"Today marks the birth of hope," it read.

"May your hearts be filled with love, joy and peace as you celebrate the miracle of Christmas with friends."

Mr Antoniolli was contacted for comment but did not respond.