Lauren Pollock texted her ex 60 times in two days.
Lauren Pollock texted her ex 60 times in two days.

‘I will destroy you’: Ex’s text threats to rich-lister

The former girlfriend of one of Sydney's richest businessmen broke a domestic violence order protecting Phil Mathews when she called relentlessly saying "I have a new billionaire" and threatened to "destroy" him.

Police withdrew kidnapping charges against Lauren Pollock when she pleaded guilty to bashing her own mother with the help of her "friend" war veteran Daniel Mark Cupples during a bizarre overnight attack in January 2018.

The 38-year-old has also admitted to calling her ex-partner Mr Mathews non stop over an hour in January this year saying: "you are the son of the devil … you will get what's coming to you".

Agreed facts tendered in Burwood Local Court show Pollock texted the prominent hedge fund manager 60 times over two days in February saying: "I have a new billionaire and I'm going to f*** you".


Pollock's relationship with Mr Mathews, who has previously been named on the BRW rich list, broke down in 2014 which triggered depression and anxiety, her lawyer has previously said.

The unemployed woman told him "you're going to be sorry" and "if you don't keep your end of the deal I will destroy you".

The elusive Mr Mathews is the founder and managing director of Sydney-based Mathews Capital, who made the BRW Rich List in 2011 with an estimated wealth of $770 million.

Pollock, who is on bail, will be sentenced for stalking, assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company and two counts of contravening an apprehended domestic violence order at Burwood Local Court next month.

Pollock spent three months in a mental health clinic last year before a judge ordered her to live with her father when her mum agreed to move out of their Cherrybrook family home.

The court previously heard Pollack had been under significant stress stemming from ongoing family issues and was abusing booze and prescription drugs when she attacked her mum Royalene.

Lauren Pollock spent three months in a mental health clinic last year.
Lauren Pollock spent three months in a mental health clinic last year.

Agreed facts state Pollock woke the then 68-year-old in her bed at 3am on Sunday January 7, 2018, and tied her hands together with tape before Cupples drove them both to Pollack's previous Naremburn home.

Once in Pollock's bedroom she threw a glass of water over the elderly woman and repeatedly yelled at her about a dispute between herself and Mr Mathews.

"Pollock sat on the complainant, pulled her hair and hit her around her face and chest," agreed facts state.

"This happened on around four separate occasions."

The entire time Cupples, who has served in East Timor and Afghanistan, stood in the bedroom doorway.

Pollock's behaviour would suddenly fluctuate from normal to aggressive and at one point she unbound her mum and offered her a shower and a change of clothes, which Royalene labelled "weird".


Daniel Cupples.
Daniel Cupples.


The next morning she was taken to Pollock's ex boyfriend's $22 million waterfront home in Mosman where she told Mr Mathews she'd been assaulted throughout the night and he had to obey his ex's demands or she would be in "serious trouble".

Mr Mathews called police and Royalene was taken to Royal North Shore hospital with cuts to her wrist and bruising to her face, hand and leg.

That afternoon cops arrested Cupples and Pollock at her home after hospital staff tipped them off that she was planning on visiting her mum, court documents state.

Police also dropped Cupples' kidnapping charge when the 40-year-old pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company and his matter has been adjourned to March 27 where his lawyers will seek for it to be dealt with on mental health grounds.