SHINING IN WHITE: The WTA wedding party made sure the vehicle and family's transport legacy shone on the day.
SHINING IN WHITE: The WTA wedding party made sure the vehicle and family's transport legacy shone on the day.

'Forget the limo, I want a Mack'

WHEN you marry into a trucking family, loving the smell of diesel and the feel of the open road is non-negotiable.

It was a similar situation for WTA Finance (formally Ward Thomas) receptionist Corinne Thomas when she became part of the family.

"It was great. I did have to hitch up the dress getting in, but that was expected, and such an awesome tribute to the father-in-laws," the newlywed said.

By that Corinne means her new father-in-law Galvin Thomas and his business partner Tim Ward, the WTA company directors who have more than 100 years industry experience between them.

WTA Wedding
Corinne arrives at the ceremony in the borrowed Mack Titan, which she loved.

"I was stuck for a car and nothing felt right, until someone suggested a truck," Corinne said.

"We ended up borrowing a truck from VCV Townsville. WTA have a close relationship with the dealers around town, so it helped.

"I wasn't interested in using anything else - a Mack was just right for the day."

Despite both being around trucks most of their lives, Corinne met her future husband Stephen Thomas online.

From that first meeting, the relationship soon blossomed from a friendship to something worth donning the white dress.

WTA Wedding
Corinne strikes a pose on her unusual but very appropriate wedding transport.

"I was actually trying to set him up with a friend," Corinne laughed.

But two years ago she took the plunge to move to Townsville and join both Stephen, a glazier, and the family business.

"I only went there for some work experience, but I ended up staying," she said.

The opportunity was wonderful after being out of the workforce for some time.

Both the ceremony and reception were held on the family property.

"We were all about a small wedding and keeping it real," Corinne said.

"But the truck did stand out. We even got a few waves and beeps on the way to the ceremony."

Selena Ward, who married into the other side of the WTA Finance partnership, said the ladies had certainly taken over the business, which specialises in transport and earthmoving finance.

"It was just a really nice tribute to the boys who have built the business for over 30years," Selena said.

WTA Wedding
WTA Wedding

"When the idea was put to her, we were all excited. We all have a bit of a love for the truck industry.

"Rex, the salesman for Mack trucks, went out of his way to make the day special, even adding a ribbon.

"As country girls, everyone loved the idea.

"I wished we had a truck at our wedding after seeing Corrine's."