FOR SALE: Well-known cafe goes on the market

THE owners of a well-known Ipswich cafe have decided it's time to do something new.

For nine years Glenn and Margie Howard have served up coffee and food at West Ipswich's Casual Coffee in the Homebase Centre.

It's a business they started when the centre first opened and their family was young.

Over the years they've been through two bomb scares, several medical emergencies helping customers, and plenty of stories from valued regulars.

Now their children are all at university and the couple have decided it's time for them to move on too. Casual Coffee has been listed for sale.

"It's time for a change," Glenn, a chef by trade who runs the cafe's kitchen, said.

"It's been a great nine years but we are ready to either have a holiday or start a new business."


Casual Coffee up for sale on Brisbane St, West Ipswich.  Cafe owners Glenn and Margaret Howard.
Casual Coffee up for sale on Brisbane St, West Ipswich. Cafe owners Glenn and Margaret Howard. Franca Tigani

He said seeing regular customers, providing jobs for young people, making new friends and providing affordable meal options for families had been one of the most important parts of owning the business.

"We've made some really good friends who we met as customers. Owning the cafe has also provided jobs for our children while they are at school which was part of the reason we opened," Glenn said.

"We've always tried to look after families. Often you go out to eat and a kids meal costs an arm and a leg. We make kids meals affordable because a lot of our clientele are young families."

Casual Coffee is on the market for $309,000 including everything plus stock. The couple want to sell up before the end of the year.

Glenn's best advice to prospective buyers, or anyone interested in starting a hospitality business was "don't get disheartened".

"It takes a little while to get used to it and into the swing of things," he said.

"For us it took about 18 months to get everything running smoothly. Although in this case (because the business is already established) it would be a easier. Just take your time in learning how to run a cafe properly."

Glenn said if he and Margie, who live at Brassall, decided to launch a new business it would be something low key that required a little less of their time but it would still be in the hospitality industry.