DK Metcalf (far left) is a monster among men.
DK Metcalf (far left) is a monster among men.

Football freak is a monster among men

As a third-generation NFL hopeful, there was never any doubt about the quality of DK Metcalf's genes.

But a photograph of the draft prospect that went viral on social media on Tuesday leaves no doubt he was born to play football.

The son of former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Terrence Metcalf, DK grew up in NFL lockers - and by the looks of him now he was also no stranger in the weight room.

The 21-year-old tried not to upstage any of his training partners by positioning himself on the end of the above line-up of gym junkies, but he quickly made them regret taking part in a group photo.

What's most stunning about Metcalf's size is that while he looks like a tight end or defensive end, he plays wide receiver.

At 193cm and 102kg, he promises to become one of the largest players at his position in the NFL when he's drafted later this year.

It will continue his family's proud history in the league. Metcalf's uncle Eric was also an NFL star and US long jump champion, while his grandfather Terry made three Pro Bowls.


The picture of Metcalf was taken at Arizona's EXOS facility, the high-performance training base that provided us with an equally shareable photograph back in 2015.

That's right, it's the same place Jarryd Hayne was made to look like the water boy when he trained with the likes of Colin Kaepernick, Ricardo Lockette and Darrius Heyward-Bey in preparation for his sensational season in the NFL.

Lucky for the Hayne Plane, Metcalf was still in high school at that point or it could have been even worse.

Jarryd Hayne knows how it feels to be upstaged in a group shot.
Jarryd Hayne knows how it feels to be upstaged in a group shot.