Footage captures Qld’s worst speeders in dice with death


POLICE have urged motorists to make better decisions on Queensland roads after a mid-year report showed an eight per cent increase of fatal traffic crashes in the state.

In the first five months of 2020, a total of 91 lives have been lost, an increase from 84 at the same time last year.

One in four of all fatalities were motorcyclists or their passengers with 23 already having lost their lives this year and in most cases involved high speeds.

Road Policing Command Superintendent David Johnson said police were concerned by the figures.

"Importantly, many of the fatal traffic crashes which have occurred could have been prevented.

"Day-in and day-out, we are seeing road users make poor decisions on our roads and tragically, these decisions are having devastating consequences.

"Just because there is less traffic, does not give anyone a green light to reach ridiculously high speeds or get behind the wheel intoxicated or under the influence of drugs."

He said motorcyclists and their passengers were more vulnerable than any other vehicles on the road.

"Excess speed and loss of control are contributing factors in many traffic crashes involving motorcycles, so we really need riders to take responsibility and ride at speeds relative to the conditions and the posted speed limit."

Police released vision of a number of traffic offences over the month of May, as speeding and drugs continue to be an issue on Queensland roads despite less traffic.

On May 23, a woman, 30, and a man, 33 were involved in a motorcycle crash after allegedly driving at high speeds in Dayboro, Moreton Bay.

The motorcycle ran off the road and crashed into a sign before going down an embankment after failing to make a turn.

Another motorcycle travelling at high speeds was detected in Rochedale on May 7, where the vehicle was travelling 185km/h in a 100km/h zone on the M1.

The male driver appeared to be racing another driver and was intercepted by police.

He received a $1245 Traffic Infringement Notice for speeding and his licence was suspended.

An Eagleby woman also received a $1245 Traffic Infringement Notice for high end speeding after she was clocked travelling at 157km/hr in a 100km/hr zone on Sunday, May 31.

A similar offence was handed to a 31-year-old Goodna man after he was intercepted by police on the Warrego Highway at Gatton travelling 151km/hr, also in a 100km/hr zone.

He was charged with an additional drug driving offence after testing positive to a roadside drug test.

He will appear before Gatton Magistrates Court on August 10.

Originally published as Footage captures Qld's worst speeders in dice with death