Ipswich Show Guide 2019 FMX Kaos Show
Ipswich Show Guide 2019 FMX Kaos Show

FMX Kaos back by public demand

CROWDS have loved the FMX Kaos show so much at the Ipswich Show in the last few years, and this year is no different.

If there's one message the team wants you to know, it's to enjoy the show and make some noise!

FMX Kaos International Freestyle Team is the original and one of the largest freestyle motocross team in Australia, and you can see them for yourselves at this year's Ipswich Show at no extra charge.

The team has continued to go from strength to strength, having performed over 2300 shows around Australia and overseas. Over the past 19 years the team has constantly pushed the limits to bring spectators the craziest tricks possible.

As a team they have some of the most professional and experienced riders in the nation. Tom Robinson and new addition Scott Fitzgerald have travelled the world performing Freestyle Moto X on the biggest stages.

"Scott is from the Gold Coast and has been working on the Nitro Circus circuit for a while now," said Ray Hunter from FMX Kaos. "You get riders because when you've been in the industry as long as I have, which is about 20 years, you get to know many riders.

"It's an all new show this year for Ipswich, and we love going there because I'm from Ipswich and still live in the area. For me it's a local show, and twice a day we'll be entertaining the fans, who we want to make lots of noise.

"When you're out there doing stunts, you want to hear the crowd cheer as it really encourages them to go flat out!"


Ipswich Show Guide 2019 FMX Kaos Show
Ipswich Show Guide 2019 FMX Kaos Show


Ray promises comedy, stunts and lots of jumping and twice a day you can catch the FMX Kaos show at no extra charge, it's all part of your admission to the Ipswich Show.

"We do up to 30 of the regional shows every year, and it takes me away from Ipswich for up to nine months of the year.

"Hopefully it will remain dry so we can put on more great performances at the Ipswich Show," Ray said.

"Don't miss out on the craziest freestyle shows ever, with a few of the best riders in the world.

FMX Kaos have something special in store for you Ipswich. See you there, come say g'day and catch up with the boys after the show.

You can follow FMX online and see what's in store for you at www.fmxkaos.com.au