Green army attack flood debris

A GREEN Army of workers has made good progress cleaning up Lockyer Valley creeks following January's flooding disaster.

The Green Army, employed by Lockyer Valley Regional Council, has cleaned out 34 kilometres of creek line in the Murphys Creek area.

The 10 workers are employed by council and funded under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work Program.

Lockyer Valley Mayor Cr Steve Jones said council was pleased to see the progress.

“Council sees it as imperative that the creeks are kept clean because debris can cause serious damage to public and private infrastructure during a flooding event,” Cr Jones said.

Another two crews of 10 will get to work soon in the Withcott and Postman's Ridge areas.

The cleaning out of Lockyer Valley creeks was a key recommendation of the Queensland Flood Commission's Interim Report.

“While these Green Army workers are doing a great job, we need major assistance from the state and federal governments to clean out larger sections of creek with masses of debris.

“We've got something like 4000 kilometres of creeks in our region, so you can see the enormity of the task when 10 workers take 16 weeks to clean out 34 kilometres,” Cr Jones said.

He said council intended to submit further funding applications for more Green Army crews.

Conservation Volunteers Australia has also provided people to undertake creek surveys in the Lockyer, looking for noxious weeds, chemical drums, debris and wildlife.